Made to Measure

What is Made to Measure?

Made to measure is a service which refers too having a suit custom made just for you from start to finish, with 676 different cloths available to choose from this gives you 1000s of options for personalisation.

Made to measure is far superior to ready to wear or off-the-peg garments as they're constructed just for you as an individual, opposed to ready to wear which is constructed with a standardised manufacturing process which needs to fit a vast range of people to a decent standard.

Why get your suit Made to Measure?

Made to measure suit is mainly about the fit it's important to understand that this is the largest factor when considering weather a suit looks good. If you have difficulty finding an off-the-peg suit fitting correctly you're not alone, these types of suits are made to fit a large number of people but everybody is different in shapes and sizes. Off-the-peg suits are made in two inch increments and most people don't fit this prototypical sizes correctly.

One big standout reason for us behind a made to measure suit is how comfortable you'll feel in it, a good example of industry standard is across the back and under the shoulders, customers often feel that off-the-peg jackets pulling or feeling tight across the back when they're moving or reaching, this happens because the arm hole isn't in the correct position made to measure isn't the same.

Your Appointment

As your consultants we'll need as much information from you as possible, we're here to help you craft your vision of a perfect suit. With 1,000s of different potential suits available we like to offer our made to measure customers exclusive attention by appointment after closing hours of our working day.

As this made for you the suit fits perfectly, measurements are taken on the first consultation which will help us determine what style and cloth that's best suited for you. We'll then process your order and consult with our tailors in Yorkshire, we'll then receive your suit partly finished for a final fitting, this gives us the opportunity to fine tune if there's any small tailoring work to be done. 

Please call in-store or phone us to make your appointment.

Tel: 01970 617531


What we need from you

Once you have booked your appointment please provide us we as much information about your vision of your perfect suit, bring with you pictures of styles, cloths of fabrics which you like, colours you'd like or even suits or jackets you have which are your favourite.

With all this information available to us we'll help you decide on your new made to measure suit.


Prices are as follows, there is a 50% deposit upon confirmation of orders. There may be slight changes depending on your specific requirements. Payment plans are available.  

Cloth House  Two Piece Suit Three Piece Suit Casual Jacket Overcoat
House I £829 £979 £609 £769
House II £849 - £909 £1,009 - £1,079 £629 - £669 £779 - £849
House III £939 - £1,059 £1,109 - £1,239 £689 - £759 £869 - £969
Loro Piana Italy  £969 - £2,379 £1,139 - £2,709 £699 - £1,649 £889 - £2,199

Wedding Suits

On your wedding day it's critical that you're looking your very best as you'll be the centre of attention, you'll have us to consult with you to build your wedding outfit. Being comfortable in what you wear is especially important at your wedding as you have a lot on your mind, the last thing you want to be worried about is how you look or feel on this special day.

When it comes to building your wedding party, we'll be here to consult with you too from choosing not only your outfit but also your grooms man, we have hirewear and off-the-peg options available to complement your party.

Make sure you book in advance for made to measure as it can take up too 15 weeks too complete.